Our site consists of various types of inkjet printers differing in their printing type, print technology, print potential and price. Besides this, one can find the latest inkjet printers in any type and that too from the leading brands such as Epson, HP, Canon, and many more.

Our site not only consists of the best selling inkjet printers but also contains comprehensive information about, basics of inkjet printer, printer technology, advantages and types of inkjet printers. Moreover, our Inkjet Printer buyer guide provides in-depth information like what parameters influence the final purchase of the apt printer. Moreover, our simplified glossary helps you in understating the jargons used in the inkjet printers.

We have listed various types of inkjet printers available in the market. Besides this, our site also gives a regular update of the latest inkjet printers available from chief manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, HP etc.

What to Look For Before Buying the Best Inkjet Printer ?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to printers nowadays. The typewriter has been dropped in the trash. Printers can print anything from simple letters to flyers and brochures, to colored photographs that look so real. Today, the most popular buying choice for most homes and small offices are color inkjet printers. They are the best inkjet printer for home and offices because they are versatile enough to handle most printing jobs.

Unless you plan to do some heavy printing amounting to reams and reams of paper, you can look at inkjet printer best buy options for your home printing needs. To ensure that you get the best inkjet printer, you have to keep in mind several factors to consider when deciding to buy and get the best inkjet printer. Choosing an inkjet printer without considering these factors could prove to be a waste of money. You have to carefully compare inkjet printers before making your choice.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding to buy an inkjet printer:

Ink Types

The ink types determine the print quality to a greater extent. There are two types of inks used, viz pigment based and dye based. Both these vary in the nature of the colourants used. Pigments are colour particles suspended in a medium, such as the binder whereas dyes contain coloured particles that are completely soluble in the medium.

It is the rough description of the difference between the two. Properties such as the adsorption rate, stability and colour intensity varies between the two. The choice of the printer can be analysed based on the types of inks too, because it can alter the desirable result expected from the printers

Ink cartridge economy

Compared to more expensive toner cartridges of laser printers, inkjets use cheaper ink cartridges. Most inkjet printers have separate cartridges for black, and for colored ink. There are some brands that have separate cartridges for each color. Find out how many pages could be printed before you would need to replace your ink cartridges.

Remember that not all ink cartridges have the same page count. There are cartridges that contain smaller amounts of ink than other cartridges. Make sure that the cartridges that you are using really provide better value on a cost per printed page basis. If you frequently print large volumes with black ink, a laser printer may be a better choice for you.

Color technology.

There are different color technologies that are used by printer manufacturers. Some brands give superior beautiful life-like quality photos. There are even printers that have been designed specifically for printing photographs. The best photo inkjet printers can produce lab-quality photographs in a flash.


There are differences as to the speed by which printers churn out printed pages. The slowest printers print one page per minute while faster ones print out about ten to fourteen pages per minute. Colored pages, however will take longer than black on white pages to print. The speed by which printers finish printing jobs would vary depending on the kind of printing jobs you have.

A standard sized 8 ½ inch by 11 inch page with a five-liner paragraph set in size 12 font and printed in black would no doubt print faster than a four by five full-color photograph. Try doing test prints while you are scouting for the best all in one inkjet printers to buy and see for yourself how fast inkjet printers work.

Additional Features

Inkjet printers are pacing at an equivalent speed to match the latest trends in the communication field. As a reason, major manufacturers are keen to incorporate wireless printing, mobile printing and many more. Such features would be boon for people who are constantly on the move. But the success factor largely depends on the network speed and the efficiency of the mobile phone to handle printing jobs.

To summarise, the inkjet printers have many other features such as A4, A3, Duplex (double sided) printing, auto document feeder as additional features in addition to all in one capacity. These features come very handy based on the usage level of the same. Hence an overview of these extra aspects in the printer can also be considered while buying the best inkjet printers.

Types of Inkjet Printer

Depending on the consumer demands, the inkjet printers are classified in to various types. We have listed the types of printers and our site contains inkjet printers in each of the type mentioned from ace manufacturers. In most of the cases, there would be overlap of the types. Take for an example, a wireless inkjet printer could also be a multifunction inkjet printer and colour inkjet printer at the same time.

Colour inkjet printers

Colour inkjet printers produces good resolution colour print outs at a faster rate. Instead of a single cartridge, the colour inkjet would contain minimum of four cartridges. The types of ink used, cartridge quality and the print speed largely determines the print resolution.

Monochrome inkjet printers

The monochrome or the black and white inkjet printer yields black and grey printing. Usually the monochrome is fitted with dye based inks

Wireless inkjet printers

The wireless printing enables the user to print documents without connecting any chord from the computer to the printer. It is highly preferred at small office set-up and also can be used for a group of people. The wireless inkjet printers are portable ones and some of it even has muti-functional features.

Multifunction inkjet printers

Multi function inkjet printers can meet the demands of the growing printing needs. Styled in various sizes, these multifunctional printers can execute tasks such as printing, scan, copying and faxing. The user friendliness is high as most of the models listed below adapts to a more comprehensible approach of using the MFP.

A4 inkjet printers

A4 inkjet printers are by far the most common type of printers used for office and home needs. The A4 printers can be further sub categorised depending on the price bracket and requirements. For a small home office, A4 printers with multi functional capacity and wireless printing are sufficient. At the same time, if it is for large business centres, then purchasing A4 printer with networking capabilities are recommended. In such cases, the print speed is a very essential criterion.

There are many inkjet printers available in the market that can withstand a good deal of printing volume without compromise in the speed. A4 inkjet printers come with various print capacities, which are expressed as monthly duty cycle. Ranging from a few thousand and count up to 10,000 prints can be generated using such printers.

A3 inkjet printers

The A3 printing is referred to as 11×17 printers. By far this is the effective option for printing documents in the larger format, especially posters. The A3 printers are opted based on the office requirements, take for an example it would be beneficial for photographers, architects and the like.

Photo inkjet printers

The photo inkjet printers permits the user to take print outs of photograph, otherwise which ought to be taken by professionally. It is an ideal partner for home needs and for professional photographers and designers alike.

Duplex inkjet printers

Duplex printing refers to the printer’s ability to print on either side of the paper. The duplex printer offers a better cost reduction solution at office where excess documents are printed within a day. Besides this, it also serves as an eco friendly solution.

Technically, there are two types of duplex printing, viz automatic and manual feed. As the name implies, in the manual feed the odd numbered pages are printed first followed by the even numbers. The automatic duplex printing prints one side and naturally feeds the other side to be printed.

Workgroup inkjet printers

The workgroup inkjet printers are diversely classified based on the sharing capacity, ink capacity and incorporations of other features. Usually the workgroup inkjet printers depending on the printer machines efficiency are usually faster in printing.

The ease of use is better in the workgroup inkjet printers, primarily because it would be used by different levels of people who would differ in their expertise. The printer can be shared either in the wired or wireless environment. Moreover the monthly duty cycle in such printers are high.

Advantages of Inkjet Printers

Due to the heavy competition, many companies shell out huge sums of money to design the most effective inkjet printer. To put in a nutshell, there are numerous advantages of inkjet printers and definitely has scope to fish out many more features, a few of unique advantages are listed below;

  • Affordable cost
  • Good print quality
  • Excellent range of features