Buying a new printer is actually a more complicated task today simply because of the wide selection of models now available on the market. Gone are the days when printers all came with the same generic features. Today there are machines within the reach of most budgets that can bring professional quality documents into any home or business. To discover what models are currently popular you may want to check out the latest laser printers reviews. But before doing so it is important to understand what exactly you need to be looking out for.

First of all ask yourself why it is you need the printer? What type of documents is it that you are going to be printing the most, photographs or text? There are some laser printers now available which are dedicated photo machines. You can easily hook up your camera to the USB port and choose which snaps to print copies of. You can purchase a new printer online as well as read up the latest reviews. As a general rule, online wholesalers are able to offer cheaper prices than most traditional computer accessory outlets.

How To Choose The Right Laser Printers For Your Needs ?

When it comes to choosing laser printers we have literally hundreds of options. They are available for under a hundred bucks and more than a thousand. The standard of the prints, speed, and efficiency of the mechanisms will vary massively between manufacturers and models.

A modern printer will have many features that perhaps were not present on your old model. Apart from the improved quality of the overall finish there are other factors that you may want to consider.

Number of ports

Check the number of ports and interfaces. Today we all have various portable storage devices and digital cameras. It is often useful if these can be connected straight to the printer without having to be routed through your PC or laptop. This will help to save time and storage space. If the printer has a small display then you will be able to alter the quality of the prints with greater ease.

Input tray

The size of the input tray is another factor. If you do have a lot of work lined up, then a large tray will allow you to leave the machine unattended for longer periods.

Energy efficient

If you have a lot of printing work to be done, for example in an office or perhaps for a campaign or club, then you will want to choose a laser printer that is energy efficient yet still fast and efficient. Most electronic appliances will come with an energy rating that will allow you to compare which models are most efficient in terms of power use.


Of course we now demand that our printers do far more than give us copies of digital documents. You may want to choose a model that has a scanner. This is very useful for copying images and old photographs and creating a digital file.

There are also those printers that can be used as a fax machine. This feature would not be essential for all of us so make sure you do not pay an extra charge for this if it is not required.


When you read any online review always check when it was written. You may discover the information is a couple of years old and that newer models have been released in the time since.


Most reviews will categorize laser printers by their cost. You should already have an idea of the amount you are willing to pay. Those models under two hundred dollars will be classified as budget machines. They will not have as many features as the more expensive options though the may still be adequate for home use.

How To Get The Most Out From Laser Printer Reviews ?

If it is time to upgrade your old printer then you may have already checked out a number of reviews. Before you let the details alter your views on the merits and pitfalls of particular models and manufacturers you should check the authenticity of information.

There is always the chance that the reviewer is being paid to write only positive information on the product. No printer is perfect; they are all designed with specific purposes in mind. If you read a review which claims that a particular model is ideal for any situation then you should take the information with a pinch of salt.

It is best to frequent those websites which give an unbiased option of the advantages and disadvantages of individual printers. There are specific details you should be looking out for.

For example you will want to know how many pages can be processed in one minute. This is essential if you often print a lot of documents. Most printers will have a rating of the total monthly number of pages possible to print.

The size of the input tray is another factor. If you do have a lot of work lined up, then a large tray will allow you to leave the machine unattended for longer periods.

What about the ink cost? Does the review mention how much you will need to budget for cartridges. There are some manufacturers that would require you to use only their inks, whereas other machines may allow you to use universal cartridges.


Just because a reviewer claims a printer is excellent value for money does not necessarily mean it will be right for you. Always make a list of the most important specifications and then seek out the models that meet these criteria and are within your budget.