Printers are used for printing text and graphic’s out from a computer and then transferring the information to paper, It is used for the output of documents such as word documents or images. Ink jet and laser printers are the most commonly used varieties of this device, and are most commonly hooked up to a personal computer.

What to Look for While Buying the Best Printers ?

printers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and choosing the right one means you need to know what you are looking for. In this article, we build a list of items on how to choose a printer.

DPI/Print Resolution

DPI which stands for Dots per inch and is the measure used to define the resolution of printer images. Typically a higher DPI measure means a better image, especially with photo printing.


PPM is the measurement of printing speed and stands for pages per minute and defines the number of pages printed by a machine in one minute.

Duty Cycle

The number of printed pages a particular printer can actually output. The higher the duty cycle, the more efficient a printer is thought to be.


AIO and MFP stand for all in one and multifunction printers respectively. These are printers that are a combination of various devices in one machine, including printer, scanner, fax machine and copier.

Paper Capacity

Paper capacity is a printer term that indicates the maximum number of papers or other media a printer tray is able to hold at one time.


If budget is the main priority, you need to figure in all the costs of printing and not just the price of the printer itself. You won’t be saving yourself any money if you have to keep replacing the device, so sticking to a known brand is always a good decision. While value is not always based on price it is a good indication of what you might be in for.

Recurring Cost: Ink

Then there is the cost of ink. You can spend a little amount on a printer but be stuck paying a lot more for ink. Ink only goes so far when you use it a lot and you can gain more by getting ink that will last with good quality. As a rule, check to see if there is a high capacity ink cartridge or toner available. This will save you money over time.

Speed vs. Quality

Some computer printers offer high-speed printing at low qualities, while many high-quality printers offer low-speed prints. The choice is yours to determine which is more important: speed or quality. Usually if your main print jobs involve basic text then choosing speed is your best option, but for printing quality photos, images and color presentations quality will be more important than speed.

Memory Cards for Printers

Using printers that are compatible with digital camera memory cards is a great way to quickly upload photos and print away. Some printers now have a fancy LCD screen display where you can view pictures before printing, saving tons of paper and ink.

Print Resolution and Paper Type

Print resolution is a huge indication of the ultimate quality of prints. If you like high-quality paper prints, search for printers that provide high-resolution printing features. Similarly, paper variety could be a crucial factor in quality printing.

Make sure that your printer is compatible with as many paper varieties as possible and that you are using the right paper for your respective needs. Don’t assume all printers can easily print on all paper types, therefore if you aren’t particular concerning the needs you have, you will possibly not get yourself a machine with all the functions you would like.


Hopefully this website gives you a good idea on how to choose a printer. Because there are so many of them around knowing what you are looking for can make the search process a lot easier.